Hi there!

It all started over 20 years ago growing up in a house where it was hard to avoid photography. Dad being a professional photographer, there were always cameras, films, photo magazines and the likes scattered around the house. It was impossible not to take an interest. My own desire to take up photography came from the burning passion to share views of landscapes that I encountered while out hillwalking - it's never quite the same trying to describe to someone that stunning mountain-top vista. Things were different back then, you had a roll of film with 36 exposures and every release of the shutter became a careful, well thought out process. You might then have to wait days or even weeks to see the results of your photographic efforts - nothing in this digital age quite compares to the excitement of that first look through a set of developed prints or slides.

I have worked as a freelance photographer since 2002 and these days I specialise in shooting sports and events using a variety of professional cameras and lenses to best capture those special moments. I regularly supply images to national and local media including websites, newspapers and magazines. If you're in need of a photographer, please do get in contact - you'll find my details in the contact section. I'm based in north Mayo here in the beautiful west of Ireland and I'm always willing to travel. I can provide a digital image gallery within 24 hours, allowing you to download full resolution photographs to your phone or computer from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Feel free to have a look through the Galleries section where you'll be able to view various events I have covered in the past. All photos are keyworded, meaning you can search through the thousands of photographs available by typing in names, dates and locations into the built-in search engine, allowing quick access to specific images. Also, before you go, why not have a browse through my portfolio where you can view some of my own personal favorite landscape, sports and black and white photographs.